Decentralization. Loyalty. Speed. Privacy. Security.

Lucent is a cutting edge cryptocurrency, with key features that are not available in many other cryptocurrencies.


Masternodes are the future of cryptocurrency mining. A masternode is very similar to a bitcoin miner, without the massive environmental costs associated with running physical miners. Instead of requiring computers to solve complex mathematical problems in order to participate in the mining rewards of blockchain technology, a “stake” of coins is put up as collateral for a server to be able to participate on the blockchain. This way, anyone can participate in mining by purchasing a masternode. Purchasing a masternode is also a great way to make a passive income.

Purchasing a Lucent masternode will require a collateral of 16,000 Lucent and can be run on the Tor network for greater privacy.

Why Choose Lucent

Lucent’s decentralized blockchain provides for unanimity based advancement of current Masternode technology that is used to secure the network.

Using obfuscation, anonymous and private transactions can be securely made using coin mixing technology.

Coin Specs

TypePOW / Masternode
Max Coin Supply Cap160 Million
Block Time2.6 minutes
MN req16,000 LCNT

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Main Lucent Features

The Ideal Blockchain Benefits

Smart Contracts and Conditional Transactions

Trustworthy and Secure Platform

Transparency: data is complete with all the members

Public (Internet) and Private (Intranet) Blockchains

Fast transactions


Privacy via Darksend


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